F*ck Menopause AM

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Say goodbye to menopause symptoms

⚡Lack of sleep
⚡Hot flashes
⚡Night sweats.
⚡mood swings
⚡Sleepless Nights
⚡️Muscle mass loss
⚡Difficulty losing weight
⚡Lack of energy
⚡Hair loss

by Laura Posada.

It's time to say
F*ck Menopause!

Hello, I'm Laura Posada
And I'm happy and fit at 50

But it was not always like this.

When I started with menopause it was very difficult. I could not sleep, I had mood swings. It was challenging to stay in shape and I was always tired.

I started looking for a solution but all the doctors suggested we're medications full of hormones, estrogen and chemicals.

I knew I could do something better ...

And so I created FCK Menopause, a 100% natural relief for the most common menopause and perimenopause symptoms.

FCK Menopause is Made in U.S.A and 100% Women Owned.

With F * CK Menopause AM you just need 2 pills when you get up to say goodbye to feeling tired and without energy.

With F* ck Menopause PM take only 1 pill for that restful night you deserve so much

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you be the best version of yourself

If you have questions, here I will be for you team@lauraposada.com

Cruelty FreeGluten free.Made in USA. Gluten free.

La Solución 100% Natural


I finally have energy

I tried many products but I always woke up tired as if I had not slept at all. 15 days after taking FCK Menopause I feel energized again !!!

- Jazmin.


No more hot flashes

I discovered Laura on TikTok and I've been following her tips there. She invited me to try her supplement a month ago and it helped me a lot. I was extremely uncomfortable with the hot flashes. Now, I'm so happy without them

- Robmary

Do you have questions?

My passion is to help you live your life life to the fullest, especially during the menopause stage.

If you have any questions about F * CK Menopause contact me at Team@lauraposada.com

You can also find me in Tik Tok @ Laurapada50felizyfit and Instagram @lauraposadalifecoach