I am an Island girl who has big dreams and a huge heart. Over time I learned that I wanted to change how women perceive midlife. You can do anything when you feel good mentally, physically, and emotionally! I have learned that without health, nothing else matters. That’s why I have made it my mission to share my passion for women’s health, well-being, and positivity and inspire other women to be as excited about prioritizing self-care.


When I started perimenopause, it hit me hard. I lost the light in my eyes and the passion in my heart. I had to use all the techniques I had learned as a Certified Life Coach and Personal Trainer to avoid severe depression. During that time, I was searching for a natural treatment to help alleviate the symptoms and feel better. I couldn’t find anything that met my criteria for an American-made, chemical-free, and natural supplement. Still, I knew I wasn’t the only woman suffering. That’s when the idea for my first product, a menopause supplement, was created.


As a woman-owned company, it was important to me to find a partner who shared that vision. Choosing Carolina Ferreiro-Díaz of Pharma Natural to manufacture my supplements was a perfect choice. Her company creates innovative natural products that are award-winning and made and packaged in the USA. Best of all, she focuses on products designed specifically for women. To top it off, I was involved in the formulation process at her lab in Florida.


Menopause is not the end; it’s a new beginning. In my fifties, I feel like I am just getting started with life. My primary motivation behind creating my natural supplements is the satisfaction I get from improving other women’s lives. As my brand has evolved, I have created a whole line of products that meet the needs of women like yourself, such as weight loss, beauty, intimacy, wellness, and more. I take great pride in knowing I have helped yet another woman embrace this stage of her life. I am blessed with a family of incredible customers and mass-market retailers that stock my products on their shelves.

I am always here for you. Join our family. XOXO, Laura