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Hello, I love this product, I would buy it again. Thank you Laura for your advice and for motivating us 😊❤️
— Nery García
It has helped me a lot to get up, the energy has given me more encouragement. I recommend it 100%
— Yolanda Monterroza
The Best Menopause product ever Since I have been using these products my symptoms are less intense...
— Letty Nieves
Collagen Very good product, both the collagen and the AM & PM knockout menopause have helped me a lot, I recommend it. Thank you
— Claudia Rodas
Hair I'm doing very well. I'm 12 days old and I already notice the thickness of my hair.
— Rosana Hernández
It works So far I have reduced my belly and back fat by trying to eat right and doing some exercise.
— Lucy Trinidad
I have always been very incredulous about natural supplements and their effectiveness, since they all offer you wonders and when it comes down to it, almost none of them work, or at least not as they portray them to you on social networks. Now... I have to say that I never thought it would work so well for me!! This product is excellent!!!! Due to the effects of menopause I have had insomnia for a long time, it was a nightmare to get up in the morning because I had not been able to sleep all night. I really recommend this product 100%. Now I can rest all night without staying up!! I congratulate you, you have a product that really works and it is worth trying, you will not regret it!!!
— Yadira Rivera López
Amazing I actually felt much better, I'm going for the second bottles.
— Anissa Velásquez
Battling premenopause Thank God, I have felt better in the symptoms that I had before taking the treatment, thank you very much for creating these supplements, blessings….
— Clementina Arriaga
Knockout am and pm It is the best thing that has happened to me in my life, it helps me a lot during my day and at night I am sleeping much more, the hot flashes are less every day I recommend it
— Ana María Jiménez
COLLAGEN 💯 recommended ones have a very delicious flavor. Very good products, I will buy them as long as necessary, I love them, thank you very much for such good products.
— María Hernández
The best gel Wow!!!! I love this gel that really reduces fat in the thigh and belly area. I put it on every night and it doesn't bother me because it's not sticky at all. I wish the pot was bigger...👏🤣
— Liza Medina
Excellent product Excellent those at night have saved my life!!!!! I can sleep very well.
— Kimin Renovales
It revived me I love it, it does work, I have finally found a product that works and also helps you be with your husband, I give it 100%, buy it, you deserve it.
— Sonia Díaz
Radiant.!!! I love the light that appears on my face, fewer wrinkles and spots appear lighter.
— Patricia Lanza Sanchez
Radiant.!!! I love the light that appears on my face, fewer wrinkles and spots appear lighter.
— Patricia Lanza Sanchez
My best purchase It was a blessing to find these pills. Because before using them I was desperate with the menopausal changes and I was even using hormones. But after taking the combo for menopause my body is back to normal 🙏♥️
— Sabina Franco
They are very good Wonderful, I loved it, I haven't finished it yet but it has been very good. Thank you, your products are very good, I recommend them 100%
— Marisol Lopez
Back to Joy This JAB combo was a great blessing. I have felt very good with energy during the day, carrying out all my activities with great enthusiasm and joy, I even hit my dances, I feel so good, I am about to buy the next one; Thank you for this wonderful combo, may God bless you @LauraPosada and continue to prosper this wonderful product 💕💞
— Anabel Grajeda
I love the product because it makes me sleep better and I have never felt that heat again that I felt before.
— Milagros Lora
JAB Combo Super good product, it does what it should and my mom loves it and it works for her and 10/10 recommended
— Megan Herrera
🔥🔥💪💪 The name really suits the product, I haven't been consuming it for even a week and I have seen the result, the orgasms are more intense and there is better lubrication, without a doubt a very good investment
— Vanessa Negrón
Battling with the ailments of pre-menopause. Thank God, I have felt more stable than a couple of years ago, it is very easy for me to take it, since before I took almost the majority of natural ingredients, but in another way, thank you very much, blessings….
— Clementina A.
Knockout Menopause I am using am. and p.m and the truth is that they have helped me a lot I no longer wake up at night and the daytime pills have relieved my muscle pain and my hot flashes... in short, these products are wonderful. Thank you very much🙏❤Laura
— Isabel Gómez
Knockout menopause bundle The products are very good and have helped me a lot, I have enough for now but I will continue buying as soon as I run out of what I have left...thank you
— Ysabel K.
Knockout Menopause I love it that Laura invented this product! Not only did I start feeling better, I trust Laura and her vibes are everything! Love and good vibes going into natural pills is everything to me. Thank you Laura ❤️ @daily_energy
— Peggy D.
Excellent kit Well, I love your products, I have been using them for more than 4 months now, they are all excellent, there is no one in particular, totally recommended 😍
— Andrea P.
Grateful Thank you for this miracle product.
— Enid
Knock out AM Excellent, it has given me super energy. I loved it I will continue buying it
— Mirnaly B.
Radiant skin My skin glows and feels elastic, my nails have grown and it makes me feel younger, thank you Laura for these wonderful products you created for us. 🙏
— Patricia L.
strong hair My hair was falling out in droves, I started taking this product and it stopped falling out and I have new hair, I am delighted, a wonderful product.
— Patricia L.
My Miracle🙏 I don't know about you but I call it the miracle I was waiting for so much. Not only am I sleeping better, the flashes have decreased greatly. Stress has also decreased. But most importantly, the pain in my hips that woke me up every night, wanting to get out of bed screaming, is gone. Not to mention the knees, when I saw the video that Laura Posada posted on Facebook, I didn't think twice about buying it. Because I could barely walk anymore, I thought I wouldn't lose anything by trying. Now there is not a day or a minute that I do not thank God and Laura Posada 🙏 I can lie down anywhere and I don't feel any pain and I can now go for a walk without suffering any pain. Even my mood and spirit have changed. Thank you my God🙏, thank you Laura Posada 🥰💪
— Lourdes Velasques Morales
Miraculous I never thought that someone could come out with a product that would take away the pain in my breasts. For 10 years I have had to deal with this hormonal problem every month for two weeks before my period came and today I can say that in three months of taking knockout menopause AM and PM I no longer have pain, thank you Laura Posada
Knockout Menopause It is great for my night sweats, it took a little time but after three months of taking it, my sweats reduced to a minimum, and my mood is much better and even my skin feels much softer. Thank you Laura Posada!
— SolM.
Live again It is the best thing that has happened to me, I felt like my life had come to an end, without energy, bad mood and I felt lost, I listened to Laura on tik tok and I didn't think about it for a second, I ordered the total product, it couldn't be worse than I was, and it was the best decision of my life, it is as if I was reborn.
— Patricia L.
I feel happy and fulfilled My name is Maria. Oh my God, I watched it on TikTok and I ordered it because I felt very bad because of the menopause, very bad, I ordered it omg now I feel very energetic my hair doesn't fall out as much anymore I don't have so many hot flashes nor am I so irritable thank you KNOCKOUT MENOPAUSE, THANK YOU, BUY IT, IT DOES WORKS NO MATTER HOW BAD YOU FEEL!!!!!!
— María O.
Excellent I have been using it for several months now and it really helps me maintain my weight. My belly has gone down. I will continue using it recommended
— Evelyn C.
Knockout Menopause AM PM Collagen Fire I really like your pills, I'm feeling very good. I've been using knockout menopause for 6 months. AM and PM is fabulous for me and I also like fire. Thank you very much for your support for all of us in a few
— Ana M.
Works for me! I am 40 years old, two months ago I had my uterus and ovaries removed, which should have led to menopause. Before my surgery I ordered the Am and Pm menopause pills when I was ready. I must say everyone is surprised
— Gabby N.
The best! When I bought Knockout Menopause PM I did so looking for something to help me with my lack of sleep, which was the most worrying and annoying symptom I had ever had. I started taking them, and a few days after starting to take it my sleeping hours increased. Before taking Knockout menopause I slept at most 3 hours after, I sleep 6.7 hours at night, for me, it is the maximum. I feel more energetic and in a better mood. Thank you for creating this product. I recommend it .
— Josefina R.
Premenopause I am 44 years old and I was suffering from hot flashes and anxiety, I had no desire for anything but after I started taking these pills they helped me a lot. I now sleep well and have more energy to do household chores. Thanks, Laura. God bless you.
— Sandra Z.
Recommended 100% Hello, this is my second day taking the AM-PM duo. I feel great. I have energy throughout the day. I no longer feel depressed. Because of so much energy I had, I thought I wasn't going to sleep, but on the contrary, I took the PM pill and slept well enough. Thank you Laura for these products that help us a lot.
— Mayra
Excellent !!!!! I am 50 years old and the ailments of menopause were having a horrible effect on me. The night sweats and lack of sleep were killing me. After a week of taking the Knockout Menopause product, my dreamy nights returned and my hot flashes decreased little by little. Thank you !!!! For such a spectacular product Laura
— Nancy L.
Super happy woman My name is Cristina, I am super happy and satisfied with the Menopause knockout pills. I have used them for 3 months, I feel super good, not tired, no more hot flashes, much more energy, I feel happy and radiant at 47 years old, thank you Laura Posada
— Cristina Tejeda
I feel like a queen It is impressive to take a supplement that changes your life, in 8 days, yes, I had a hysterectomy when I was 43 years old, and my menopause came automatically, I spent several years looking for solutions and nothing, until I saw these pills from Laura, and I thought, I'm going to try it again, and YES it worked, I no longer have vaginal dryness, my bust was full again, my skin was amazingly soft, and in eight days, 😘 imagine what it will do for longer, I'm happy, thank you, thank you 😊 thank you. Change too, you won't regret it.
— Ana
Good experience!!!!! I have been using the product for 2 weeks and the experience has been very good; am - the hot flashes have decreased and I have more energy and pm - I am sleeping much better since before I woke up 3 to 4 times during the night and the hot flashes have also decreased. Thank you very much for the product.
— Mayra Díaz