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Tips to Increase Your Charisma

by Laura Posada on July 14, 2022

There are people that have certain magnetism that is difficult to explain. This fascination they create isn't necessarily related to their physical beauty, but to a special aura that invites people to be around them. In general, they are leaders and very successful in their personal and work lives since their ease to relate and their power to influence others paves the way for them to achieve all their goals.


This quality is called charisma, and science has determined that there are ways to acquire this social skill if you don't have it naturally. In fact, a study from the University of Lausanne in 2011 evaluated whether a course to increase charisma could change the social perception that the participants had on others, and the results were positive: yes, it is possible to learn to be charismatic, and here I'll give some tricks to achieve it.


Seek to connect with others: in conversations, instead of focusing on yourself, what you do or what you think, find ways (simple language, comparisons, metaphors) for your interlocutor to identify with what you're saying . When it's their turn to speak, listen carefully, show that you care by asking questions, and find a common ground that connects you in some way.


Make the other feel better about themself: in reality, what has an impact is how you make a person feel. If while they were with you, someone felt really comfortable, inspired, motivated, encouraged or happy, rest assured that your impact and charisma will be memorable for them, they will want to spend more time with you, and they'll be more willing to listen and follow you. Look for their positive aspects and congratulate them, recognize their merits, ask them about their area of expertise, etc.


Show your integrity with your body language: Charisma has a lot to do with being perceived as trustworthy. If you are just getting to know someone, show that you are honest using your body language. Things like maintaining good eye contact without looking away, not crossing your arms and keeping your hands visible at all times, smiling most of the time, and standing up straight with your shoulders back help create a halo of honesty and trust around you.


Accept your imperfections with sincerity and playfulness: people admire charismatics not because they are perfect, but because they are authentic. By acknowledging your flaws and faults, others will feel even more identified with you, and that will lead to a deeper connection. It's not about focusing too much on the negative, but about naturally accepting and even laughing at the fact that we're not perfect, but even so, we can be very charismatic.


Starting today you can start increasing your charisma to have a positive impact on others by applying these simple tricks.

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