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How to Overcome Hang-ups About Your Physical Appearance

by Laura Posada on January 24, 2022

You look in the mirror and think: “Oh, I'm very chubby,” “I'm very short,” “I wish I had longer legs,” “I wish I had a smaller nose... or a bigger one... or a thinner one, or... etc. etc." Believe it or not, all those physical, social, and even psychological hang-ups we have go back to our childhood. They are related to pressures and mistakes on the family environment that mistakenly instills a model of perfection in the child. Therefore, they are strongly related to self-esteem.

The fact is that a person who's self-conscious about their physical appearance will never be completely satisfied. Whether you go on a diet, have plastic surgery, change your hair color, or do anything else, you'll always find "something else" to focus on and feel miserable about. According to the article How to Overcome Hang-ups? from EnFemenino.com, women are more likely to have physical hang-ups than men since they suffer from greater pressure on their image because society praises their appearance. Women feel compelled to be beautiful and sexy in any circumstance.

Now, having hang-ups does not make you a strange person. Most of us have them because imperfection is human and it's normal to be aware of it. So what remains is accepting and learning to live happily with and despite our imperfections. How? According to this article, here's what you can do to overcome those hang-ups:

Accept that we are imperfect and stop trying to please everyone at any cost.

Transform differences into advantages and focus on our positive aspects and what we do well.

Learn to look at yourself in the mirror to see yourself as a person with dreams, virtues, qualities, talents, and beautiful features, instead of focusing on the short legs or wide nose. Think that charm is born from forgetting about yourself, the opposite of physical beauty.

Know how to choose those close to you. This is important because it's the people who accept you and respect who you are. If they don't know how to do that, teach them by showing them that their opinions are important to you, but they are not what determines your self-esteem.

Have a good opinion of yourself and high self-esteem. In the end, this is the key point because what really matters is what you think of yourself.

As a last resort, if the hang-ups become too heavy and are disrupting your life and interactions with others, it's always a good idea to see a professional psychologist for guidance.

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