The truth is that while we mature there are things that are more difficult than before. One of this is having a flat stomach and there is a simple explanation for that: according to the American Sports Council, when you are 40 you are burning 300 fewer calories than when you are 20 because your metabolism slows down. The decrease in estrogen levels that affects perimenopausic women can decrease insulin sensitivity, which can affect how we control our blood sugar levels, it also causes annoying muffing-tops and bigger belly volume. Everything we eat goes directly to our tummy!

Now, after that review of the harsh reality let's hear the good news; even though it is more difficult to have a flat tummy when you are 40, it does not mean it is impossible.

Food is as important or even more important than exercise: There are five basic things to do: limit the intake of food that bloat you (dairy included, if they are a problem for you, and sodas), lower salt and refined sugar intake, reduce portions, eliminate simple carbs and substitute them for complex carbs (for example whole cereals, some vegetables) and increasing the intake of Omega 3 in fish or nuts (with moderation) and fiber. In my 21-day Transforming program you can find a complete food plan for cover abs.

Less cardio and more strength and endurance training: from the moment we are 40 we start losing muscle and the only way to fight is through weight training. You can reduce a little bit your cardio and focus on the exercises that will allow you to keep a healthy muscle tone and this way, increase your basal metabolism. If working with weight is not your thing, try Pilates. Besides, in my transforming program, there is an excellent routine for abs, that you can try from home.

Say goodbye to stress and have a good night sleep: Let me tell you in one phrase, stress makes you fat and not sleeping too! So, we have to find ways of reducing stress and try to sleep better, it is not only a cause behind those extra pounds, but it is also the source of many diseases. To have good sleep hygiene analyze and discover what frees you from stress the best. Is it sex? Is it playing an instrument? Is it coloring mandalas? Meditation? cooking because you like it and not because you have to? Whatever it is, devote some time to it without feeling guilty. If you keep stress away and sleep well, you will keep that annoying tummy away as well.

November 14, 2022 — Laura Posada