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Christmas: how to remember with joy those who are no longer here

by Laura Posada on December 14, 2022

Christmas is just a few weeks away, a time of the year that we generally associate with joy, gifts, togetherness, music, delicious food, gatherings with family and friends. If you have the blessing of having your loved ones complete, then surely the arrival of the Christmas days generates great excitement and excitement for you. But what if a loved one is missing? It is possible that these days are filled with nostalgia, or even some sadness, since they make us remember, even more, that person who is no longer with us.

Spending Christmas without one of our affections can be very hard, but here I tell you how you can remember them with joy so that you continue enjoying Christmas.

Do not repress your feelings, talk about them: it is completely normal to feel that lack or emptiness in your life, as part of mourning, and as I always say, feelings must be channeled correctly and for this, they must be communicated. You will surely find a lot of understanding in your environment, since it is possible that your family is feeling the same, so listen to them and share. It doesn't matter if you shed a tear thinking about that person, cry if necessary, then you'll feel better.

For Christmas night, prepare a small tribute for your loved one: is there a favorite dish or song? Is there a Christmas ritual that you always practiced together? Did you like to go for a walk with your suitcases, or go from house to house singing Christmas carols? Do not stop doing it, and this year prepare it with even more intention, thinking that this person would like you and your family to be happy and not sad. The best tribute you can do is celebrate Christmas like in the old days when you were all together.

Focus on the children in the family: Christmas is a very special time for children, and they are entitled to wonderful memories of their childhood Christmas, so make this THEIR holiday, and catch the natural joy of the kids. Share as much time as you can of this time with them.

Think that, although you will never forget your loved one, time heals everything: that is, that there will come a time when you will be able to remember him/her with joy and gratitude for having had him/her in your life, and the sadness and nostalgia will be left behind.

I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

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