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Midlife crisis or midlife opportunity?

by Laura Posada on November 14, 2022

You must have heard or lived the “midlife crisis”. It refers to that feeling of restlessness or dissatisfaction that some people encounter when they turn 40. These people start having behavior, mental and emotional symptoms that are clearly visible and that make them act in unusual ways for them and for those around them. There is also an additional fear of dying. Here you have three pieces of advice to turn this crisis into a great opportunity.

 It is a perspective thing, looking at the glass half empty or half full: for our ancestors in Paleolithic times, it was such an achievement, almost nobody got that old. A few centuries ago, being 40 was being beyond two-thirds of your life. But, with the increasing life expectancy, turning forty is just half the road. Instead of considering this a crisis, we can take it as a great opportunity to reassess what we live. An opportunity to reinvent ourselves and take the steps we have always wanted to take but that have been postponed for one reason or another. You may ask, if not now, then when am I going to do this?

We are all going to grow old, the important thing is HOW are we going to do it: you wake up one day, look at yourself in the mirror and you notice a gray hair that wasn't there the night before. Ladies, getting old is inevitable, but we can have high-quality life, energy, good looks, preventing diseases with constant physical activity, eating healthy and training our minds. These are the three factors I work in my 21-day Transforming Program #40isthenew20. Let this be a total change for your life!

Take advantage of what you have in your 40s that you didn’t have before: instead of focusing on what you have lost, look at what you have gained. You have plenty now! For example, a wider network that includes all the people you have met in your life (work, community, trips). You are more mature and experienced (which you cannot buy with all the money in the world). You have also got over and survived many difficult situations and you know it is not the end of the world. You have learned how to say no, you know you want to be surrounded from people who make you feel good, you know how to be thankful, you are more emotionally intelligent, etc, etc.

It is you, and only you, who decide how you want to interpret those forties; as the end of your life or hat opportunity you decided to be true and start living fully and without remorse.

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