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Learn about Four Innovative Wellness Trends

by Laura Posada on July 14, 2022

If there is something that has grown steeply in recent years, it's the search for ways to increase well-being. Human beings have always wanted to live longer, but now we're not satisfied with that, but rather want to have a better quality of life and to preserve our health and youth for as long as possible... So, we jumped directly into the fad diet, the rejuvenating juice, the miracle exercise routine, the weight loss supplement, and let's stop counting.

Today I'll discuss four trends that are buzzing a lot lately, and that have caught my attention for their great potential to make us feel good.

“Artificial” meat: There are many vegan products that try to replace animal meat with plant-based alternatives. However, today I'm referring to real meat made from animal cells without animal suffering. Although mass production of this meat created in laboratories has yet to take place, it's only a matter of time. A Dutch company that produces it estimates that it can be marketed in 2021 and mass produced two or three years later. Good news for those of us who eat meat, but are also eco-conscious!

CBD: cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive legal component of marijuana, is revolutionizing the world of well-being due to its important anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It's superficially said to be effective for conditions such as fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, sleep problems, arthritis and that it can even increase physical performance. It can be found in a variety of forms like oils, creams, teas, patches, etc. Remember that it can have side effects and that more studies are needed to verify all these claims and to receive FDA approval, but it looks very promising.

Drinks to improve the skin: something as simple as dragon fruit juice (pitahaya, almond milk, a teaspoon of honey) serves to regulate your bowels and that will undoubtedly be reflected in smoother and clearer skin. Lavender drinks (with milk, lavender lemonade, cucumber and lemon, matcha) are fantastic for the skin, and also have important relaxing effects. These drinks are effective, inexpensive, and easy to prepare.

HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training has been around for a few years and it is widely known, but right now it's becoming even more popular because you can achieve amazing results in a very short amount of time (workouts range from 4 to 30 minutes) . With such short routines, you won't only burn fat faster, but also gain muscle mass, increase your breathing capacity, reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, increase strength and endurance, and more. It seems that everyone is practicing HIIT now, what are you waiting for? I hope this helps you increase your and your loved ones' well-being.

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